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January 6, 1997

Lisa I. Fried

HBC Toiletries
New Products

Sean Dix, president of Dix Preventive Products in New York, has come up with a new delivery system to make flossing simpler. A user attaches a piece of dental floss to Dix FlossRings and then puts the rings on the index fingers of each hand. The rings enable the user to maneuver around the mouth quite easily. CVS has been carrying the product since May.

Dix came up with the idea for the floss while working as a diamond setter. The eczema he developed on his hands while plying his trade made it difficult for him to hold dental floss. He has since quit his diamond setting job to market the FlossRings, and ultimately plans to manufacture sterile dental floss, a product that could be useful for anyone who bleeds while they floss.
April 26, 1999
Andrea M. Grossman

Beauty Care
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Bloomington, Indiana- A pilot study conducted by Indiana University indicates that FlossRings, made by Dix Preventive Products Inc., remove 23.8 percent more plaque than manual flossing with floss alone. The study noted that a clinically significant improvement is qualified by showing at least 10 percent improvement or more.