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Floss Easy

Flossing is one of the best things that you can do to maintain your dental health. Unfortunately, many people don’t floss because struggling to keep the floss wrapped around your fingers, or cutting off your finger’s  circulation, is tedious and unpleasant.

Sean Dix understood the difficulties of daily flossing so he created FlossRings, a tooth tool that will revolutionize the way people floss. Just attach some floss to the FlossRings, slip the rings onto your finger, and floss away.

Send : $2.00 p&h for 1 pair. Ask for: FlossRings. Mail to: Dix Preventive Products. Inc., 145 East 15th St. Ste. 12-A, New York, NY 10003

Several thousand people have responded from every state in the U.S.