Forbes FYI
Dr. Gizmo November 1995


Because Gizmo is an inventor, Gizmo loves inventors. The wackier the better, and Mr. Sean Dix of New York City proves to be a man after my own heart. Mr. Dix has devote his considerable engineering skills to building a better mousetrap…out of dental floss.
No, seriously – well, semi-seriously- not only has Mr. Dix invented a new “delivery system” for the slippery white stuff, it is no exaggeration to say that he stands on the brink of revolutionizing dental hygiene. An emergency Defense Department appropriation would be the logical next step. First, Mr. Dix has devised “FlossRings” that latch easily onto your index fingers and provide maximum inter-canine torque during flossing. (Necessity is the mother of indention; Mr. Dix has eczema, and ordinary floss tears into his fingers.) His individually-wrapped, sterile floss segments-see above- hook easily onto the rings. “I believe this will offer the benefits of flossing to a larger audience,” he says.
Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, Mr. Dix has invented a manufacturing process for sterile floss. The floss you buy in the drugstore is not sterile, he points out: “People don’t realize they are putting bacteria between their teeth.” Have you ever heard of “dental sepsis”? Here’s the dictionary definition: “local or generalized bacterial invasion of the body, especially by pyogenic organisms.” Mein Gott! Sounds like a Stephen King tele-movie, starring Kate Moss as e.Coli. I’ve run the Dix floss system through its paces, and it certainly rivals the pleasureful but wildly overpriced Gore-Tex floss called Glide. Gizmo Rating: 3 out of 4.
Want to learn more? Call Mr. Dix at 212-254-7563.