Prevention Magazine
Your Healthy Smile…November 1997
Advanced Flossing

The other device is the decidedly low-tech Floss Rings. These brightly colored rings have a thin notch on one side. By threading and securing the floss through this notch, you bypass the need to wrap the floss around your fingers. They’re excellent for people with eczema or other skin conditions that affect their hands or for people with arthritis or limited dexterity.
For two rings, send $2 to FlossRings, Dix Preventive Products, Inc., 145 E. 15th St., Suite 12-A, New York, NY 10003, or check your local drugstore.

(For those of you wondering what the “first device” mentioned in this article was the copy is below…The only photo for this article was of the FlossRings)

The Braun Oral–B Interclean Interdental Plaque Remover looks like an electric toothbrush with a thin, mint-flavored filament in place of the brush. Some studies have shown it to be slightly more effective at reducing plaque than floss. The filament slides in between teeth and spins at 6,500 rpm, disrupting plaque in the process. Its only downside may be the cost of replacing filaments after each use - $12.95 for a box of 50. The price for the unit and 50 filaments starts at $59.99